Bear Trail 27k
Distance: 27.4 км
Total Ascent: 1420 м D+
Total Descent: 1420 м D-
Start: 07:30, 13 June 2021
Start: Gërmia Park
Final: Gërmia Park
Time Limit: 07:00:00
The Bear Trail 27k is a single day racing event, held on the 13th of June 2021. The race is scheduled to begin at 8:00 AM, starting from the Recreational Center of Gërmia (Basketball courts) and encompass 27 km through Gërmia’s rich flora and picturesque landscapes.

The Bear Trail 27k has a total distance of 27km and an elevation gain of 1,410m D+ (1 point accountable for ITRA) as well as points added towards the UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc).

The Bear Trail 27k will be held on the 13th of June 2021, covering a total of 27 km of single and double tracks, as well as combined slopes of gravel, asphalt and incline variations. The run that will put one to the test, the trail is characterized with upward climbing, running through patches of tall pine trees and sights of friendly bears at the Pristina Bear Sanctuary, thus naming this trail in respect to the work done in taking care about the bears who were formerly kept as restaurant bears in Kosova and Albania.

The race begins at The Recreational Center of Gërmia near the basketball courts, giving the runners the feel of running through the remnants of an urban jungle. Once set on the track, the race includes a run through the wide flat meadow, a split opening of the Gërmia Park and on to the neighborhood of Kolovica. The dense pine forest characterizes the beginning of the steep incline, where a 9 km run will bring the runners to their first checkpoint at 980 MASL, where one can catch a glimpse of Prishtina’s city line. Heading for the second checkpoint is characterized with a 200 m descent, with runners going back into the heart of Gërmia park, close by the starting point. A descent via the running path will bring the runners side to side with the Badovc Lake, where runners will have the chance to see the Bear Sanctuary and its friendly inhabitants, also located our Checkpoint 3 with over 18km covered. Heading for the last checkpoint, the runners will have to go through a continuous climb through an additional 6 km where intersecting a local goat trail, the runners will hit the remaining path to the finish line.

The race is registered on the ITRA calendar and UTMB certified race awards 1 point accordingly.

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